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Antalya Outruns Its Foreing Number Of Tourists Of Ausgust 2016
aktob 19 September 2017

Antalya Outruns Its Foreing Number Of Tourists Of Ausgust 2016

Based on Antalya Airport arrival data of “August” the number of arrival from Russia which is our main source markets outrun the number reached in 2014 which has been our best year so far; there is an increase of 6 % from 2014 figures. However, Germany which is another main source market degreased – 7 % compared to 2016. The situation in Germany unfortunately affected betterment of Antalya compared to the previous seasons. Accelerator in improvement of Russian market is carried out by accommodation sector and by making considerable discounts; the market is enabled to return to its previous season’s demand level.

In general, number of tourists on August from; Ukraine, Israel, Belarus, Romania, Moldova, Iran, Algeria, Latvia, Kosovo, Jordan and Iraq outrun tourist numbers in 2014.

What is more, United Kingdom market improved + 13 % on July. There is increase in market of countries such as; Kazakhstan, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Serbia compared to the year 2016 but figures of the year 2014 are not yet reached.

But as it happened in the previous months, there is a decline in the markets such as; Denmark, Nederland, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Austria. This decline in such markets affects the upward trend in other markets negatively. Besides, decline in Belgium and Switzerland markets stopped specifically in August when compared with the previous months.

As a result, foreign tourists coming to Antalya generally in August increased % 73 when compared to year 2016; it is -8 % when compared to year 2015 and -18 % when compared to year 2014.

Having a look at the data results of the year 2017 from January – August, the number of foreign tourists coming to Antalya is 7.144.537 and it increased 63 % when compared to year 2016; the same number is -14 % when compared to year 2015 and  – 18 % when compared to year 2014.

President of Union of Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers and Operators (AKTOB) Erkan Yağcı commented on July figures in Antalya.

Erkan Yağcı stated that; “Although there has been losses from Germany among countries sending visitors to Turkey, they are still in the second place. We are paying a lot of effort to maintain our relationship with this market which is pushed behind politics. We are in good cooperation and support with tour operators we cooperated from German market. It is one of the significant milestones in Turkish Tourism.

Looking at the figures, we can see that Antalya will be the driving force to divert the demand to Turkey again. In this regard, accommodation sector in Antalya showed high level of devotion. There is no change in our tourism vision. We consider Spain as our opponent.

Main reason of improvement in the year 2017 has been Russian Market. In the year 2018, we should manage to improve in European market, especially in; Germany, Benelux and Scandinavian countries.

In Russia focused growing model of Antalya, there has been decline in European market, especially decline in German market affected the figures of development negatively. Antalya managed to close the gap that is formed on August when compared to the years 2014 and 2015. We need to turn demand in European market, namely Germany to positive in the year 2018 and take our prices to sustainable levels. In this regard, public sector should cooperate with the sector urgently and form its 2018 main strategy taking European market into consideration.

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