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The Sector United In Traditional Aktob Lunch
aktob 8 September 2017

The Sector United In Traditional Aktob Lunch

Union of Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers and Operators (AKTOB) Traditional August Lunch activity took place in Rixos Downtown Hotel. Tourism professionals paid attention to the lunch where Antalya Metropolitan City Mayor Menderes Türel participated as the spokesman.

The opening speech of the lunch participated by; Muratpaşa Mayor Ümit Uysal, Konyaaltı Mayor Muhittin Böcek, TÜROFED President Osman Ayık, POYD President Hakan Duran, ATAV President Nizamettin Şen is conducted by AKTOB President Dr. Erkan Yağcı.

Evaluating the latest status in tourism of Turkey and Antalya, Mr. Yağcı stated that Tourism in Turkey is in a trend of rapid improvement. He also mentioned that; “There is 14 % increase in Tourism of Turkey compared to the statistics of the previous year. Based on 6 months values, our loss of income is approximately 3 %. In the year, our income per tourist was 828 $ in the year 2014. This value dropped to 700 $ per tourist in the year 2016. The average in this issue in the world declined from 1000 $ to 890 $ per tourist. There is a general decrease in tourist expenses throughout the world. The year 2014 was a very good year in this respect. But the year 2016 is the breaking point”. At the lunch where public and private sector representatives participated, AKTOB President Dr. Erkan Yağcı gave a current analysis of the sector and mentioned the expectations for the future.

“We should manage European Market”
Mr. Yağcı stated that there has been 75 % increase in Antalya on July. “This year, Russian Marked had a critical role. We need to have betterment in German, Nederland, Belgium and Scandinavian markets. Within 7 months, Antalya lost 1 million tourists compared to the year 2015. In the year 2018 where the focus is on European market, we need to manage this market. 15 million tourists from UK visit Spain. We need a third main market. In this regard, UK is the most suitable one. There are many things to do” said Mr. Yağcı.

“The demand will increase the price”
Dr. Erkan Yağcı commented on the prices. He stated that, the demand should be increased in order to increase the prices. “There has been a pressure on prices where there was low demand in the last two years. If we as Antalya reach 12 million foreign tourists, the prices will go up. So, for the year 2018 and beyond, we need to increase the demand and reach the price levels of the year 2014 ” said Mr. Yağcı.

“Criticising All-inclusive system has become a fashion”
President Yağcı also mentioned about criticisms concerning all-inclusive system and city tourism. He stated that; “Everybody criticises all-inclusive system. It has become a fashion. But it is requested by our guests. This system is chosen by the families. We are the country applying this system at the best all over the world”.

“We can host 20 million tourists in Antalya “
For city tourism, Erkan Yağcı stated that; historical values, symbol of the city, parks, fairs, sport contests, festivals, museums, bike roads, street arts, local food, country streets, modern public transportation, night life, shopping opportunities, hotel infrastructure, scheduled / non-scheduled services, safe streets, disabled friendly infrastructure, clean environment, economical airport and clean beaches are necessary. He continued that; “Antalya is 12th highest amount of tourist hosting city in the world. With city tourism, Antalya can host more tourists. Antalya can host 20 million tourists for 2023 Goal of Turkey”.

Antalya Metropolitan City Mayor Mr. Menderes Türel who attended AKTOB’s traditional lunch talked about Tourism Projects of Antalya.

Mr. Türel who stated that Antalya has many treasures continued that; “Our biggest chance is you because you are giving world class service in outstanding quality in matchless resorts. This is our biggest advantage. These treasures we have in Antalya are not present in the competing cities”.

“Antalya is the most successful city in all-inclusive system”

Mr. Türel who evaluated the objections made against all-inclusive system stated that the artisans in the city objects at this issue and they are right. The reason for him is not the system itself but it is related to increase the quality of city centre. He also focused on the point that Antalya is the city succeeding in all-inclusive system, he added that; “If we are able to reach this success in tourism sector, it means we made it as the destination managing this system around the world. The objections are related to the fact that the artisans in the city are not making use of tourism opportunities”.

“Antalya will be competing with Los Angeles”
Mr. Türel mentioned about the steps they take for making Antalya a qualified destination, including 4 different steps of the construction they will conduct composed of Boğacayı project, public recreation areas and cinema plateaus.

He also stated that there are coastal projects such as Tünektepe, Sarısu, Kaleiçi Marina to support Cruise tourism and he calls the tourism investors to participate in the projects.

Besides Antalya Metropolitan City Mayor Mr. Türel stated that;
“The city needs a symbol. The culture and supporting products of tourism in a city are very important. Antalya is a city diversifying every single day in this regard. We will reach competing advantages after our tourism projects with our competitors. We are aware of the fact that Antalya has a low quality putting aside its hotel. We created projects and investments in this regard. As a symbol of Antalya, we have project characterised by Mediterranean Seal located on Tünektepe project. We are under very bad circumstances in tourism but we are also not in the place we deserved. These activities we carried out will improve the destination quality and call tourist’s attention to the city. The destination power of competing will increase”.

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